Ransomware-as-a-Service takes skill out of cyberattacks

It no longer takes the best and brightest hackers to bring down a company. In fact, these days almost anyone motivated enough can do it.

2 ways CryptXXX is sneaking onto computers

Ransomware has many ways of being delivered to systems. CryptXXX, a particularly vile strain with a $500 unlock fee, has two methods that put many users at risk – and you’ll want to look out for both.

Where companies see ransomware going

Since 2014, the number of companies hit by ransomware has reportedly doubled. Yet many aren’t taking the right steps to protect themselves.

2 cases perfectly illustrate the problems with ransomware

Two separate pieces of ransomware news have trickled in recently. One is good news, and the other provides a big wake-up call for companies.

Critical ransomware cracked … for free

Things were looking pretty bleak for those who were infected by Petya ransomware. But an anonymous infosec pro has come up with a way to defeat the ransomware that prevented computers from booting up. 

4 ways ransomware can get into your systems right now

Much of the conversation on ransomware revolves around what happens after an attack is successful. But there are actually ways you can prevent it in the first place. A good first step: Patch these four known vulnerabilities immediately. 

Ransomware is a $24 million a year industry – and growing

According to the FBI, ransomware attacks took a huge financial toll in 2015. And one group is saying that 2016 will be “the year ransomware holds America hostage.” Find out what you can do to keep from falling victim. 

The group most likely to be hit with ransomware

Not all targets are created equal, it would seem. New research finds that when it comes to ransomware, government agencies are most at risk of serious attacks. 

Here’s what can go wrong when you pay off your attackers

Companies often say they won’t pay ransomware, no matter what. But the truth is, many often do.  

FBI to ransomware victims: Just pay up

The FBI recently weighed in on the prevalence of malware attacks against users and companies. And their advice was essentially: You’re probably better off just paying the attackers.