New printer security flaws affect most major brands

It’s not just mobile devices, servers and PCs that IT needs to worry about when it comes to security. Office printers can create their own headaches – and new printer security vulnerabilities could put businesses at risk, says one researcher. 

Security flaw found in Samsung network printers

Printers and other peripheral devices are often overlooked when it comes to keeping systems and software up-to-date. But, back doors that give cyber criminals access to sensitive corporate data are more common than you might think.

Implementing Green IT: 5 Things to Do Today to Go Green

Most IT managers are under pressure to do more with less these days. Using less ink, paper and energy is one way to stretch your budget. But depending on whom you do business with, Green IT may also be a requirement. The government now favors environmentally friendly contractors, and many large corporations run sustainability programs […]

Strange hack: Attackers could blow up printers remotely

IT managers have been warned before to guard against attacks that target networked office printers. But here’s a twist most probably haven’t considered. 

Overlooked network security threat: The office printer

IT departments put a lot of effort into training users and installing firewalls and antivirus software to keep hackers from accessing company’s network via desktop PCs. But there are other devices with vulnerabilities that can threaten network security – for example, multifunction office printers.