Where data protection falls short: 3 things to improve on

A new study highlights a growing problem for businesses: With all the focus on protecting data, companies fall short when it comes to actually using the information they have on hand.

Does your company need a bribery policy?

IT pros have to master a variety of skills. But one that you definitely didn’t sign up for is hostage negotiations. Unfortunately, it looks like that might be yet another task thrown at you.

Caught watching porn at work: So why did he get his job back?

This case had “you’re fired” written all over it. A teacher was caught watching and emailing porn at work. But a judge ruled he could get his job back. Why? 

How to determine who’s at fault for a data breach

In addition to preventing data breaches, companies also must make sure they learn from incidents to improve their protection in the future. Part of that requires knowing who or what is to blame for a breach, as George Hillston discusses in this guest post. 

Only 23% of users know the company’s BYOD policy

It’s no secret that users like to ignore IT policies. In a lot of cases it’s because the rules get in the way of how people work most effectively. But other times, it’s because users don’t know what the rules are. 

Password Policy Template

IT departments often struggle with getting users to choose secure passwords and keep them safe. For help, here’s a password policy template companies can use to create their own written rules. 

The 3 biggest problems with password policies

Companies’ employees do a lot that puts sensitive information at risk. One of the biggest problems: They choose weak passwords that offer little protection. And despite IT’s best efforts, organizations’ password policies haven’t done much to solve the problem. 

The cloud computing mistake 77% of companies make

As cloud computing becomes the norm in most organizations, there’s a serious cloud security risk many companies aren’t doing enough to stop: 

Users’ security mistakes are IT’s fault

Many data security breaches are blamed on user mistakes. But IT’s security strategy is often to blame for those errors. 

Bad news for BYOD security: Users don’t care about protecting important data

Employees are often careless when it comes to sensitive information on mobile devices, and BYOD policies have done little to change things. What can IT do?