Most hackers don’t do it for financial gain

Which is more frightening: The idea of a cyberattack designed to cripple your business and pull in big bucks or the idea that hackers are just launching these attacks for the hell of it? 

Insider threats are pummeling IT

Two recent surveys show that the biggest threat to your systems isn’t actually hackers, it’s the insider threat caused by people in your own building – and many of them are IT pros. 

Business users targeted by phishing on Dropbox

Hackers are sending out phishing emails to users trying to get them to access a file on the popular file-sharing service Dropbox. And if your users open it, your company could be in for a serious headache. 

New developments in ransomware: And it’s bad news

When hackers steal data, it’s a crap shoot. Maybe they’ll find valuable information they can sell to an interested party, but they may not get good info or have interested customers. So to get around that, a new trend is taking place – one that’s an easy payday for them, and a nightmare for IT and your […]

Hoax exploits the Malaysian airline mystery to steal users’ info

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that hackers and hoaxers are already using the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 to spread malware and steal information. 

5 ways to protect users from phishing attacks

Target’s recent data breach was a security nightmare. But for some hackers, it was the perfect opening to something even more devious: phishing attacks.

IT pros duped by Facebook femme fatale

As Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become commonplace in personal and professional lives, the dangers of social networking for businesses have also grown. And even IT professionals who should know better may be putting their organizations at risk. 

Facebook privacy threats lurking in new Graph Search: What to do about it

Protecting Facebook privacy is getting tougher as new features and policies make it easier to find information on all users of the social networking site. Here are some tips you can pass along to employees to help keep them safe. 

Which users are the most likely phishing victims?

Many cyber attacks begin with phishing emails directed at an organization’s employees. According to a new report, those scams can often fool even those who should know better. 

5 new attacks hackers are using in 2013

Hackers are getting smarter and are hitting businesses with new types of cyber security attacks. Can your organization keep up?