When can companies legally spy on employees?

IT has access to a lot of information about the company and its employees. That means IT can be a valuable asset when a manager wants to investigate a member of his or her staff. But too much snooping can lead to a violation of employees’ privacy. 

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When deciding on a mobile strategy, here are three hidden costs of BYOD companies need to consider. 

Younger workers say BYOD is a right, not a privilege

Here’s another sign companies will have to adapt to IT consumerization and support BYOD programs whether they want to or not: Younger employees entering the workforce might decide not to take a job in which they can’t use their own personal devices. 

Survey reveals IT’s latest headache

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Users bring their own mobile devices no matter what IT says

Many companies have started coming up with policies regulating employees’ use of personal gadgets for work purposes. But whether there’s a policy or not, employees are using their personal devices.

4 ways to ease personal device conflict

IT managers are often stuck trying to balance users’ technical wants with their own needs to keep the company secure and run an efficient department.

Should personal devices be allowed on your network? One group says yes

Many businesses balk at the idea of letting employees access company data on personal computing devices. But one group is actually recommending the practice as a way to save money.