‘Password’ is no longer the most common password

The news that “password” is no longer the most common password for users might seem like good news to IT managers. Maybe it’s a sign that they’re finally beginning to take security seriously? That they’re finally devoted to protecting information?

Lesson learned: Don’t keep encrypted drive and password in the same place

Encrypting data and setting a strong password are two keys to protecting information security. But here’s an easy way to make both those security measures completely useless: 

Overlooked network security threat: The office printer

IT departments put a lot of effort into training users and installing firewalls and antivirus software to keep hackers from accessing company’s network via desktop PCs. But there are other devices with vulnerabilities that can threaten network security – for example, multifunction office printers.

Study busts myths about password policies

Most companies have some sort of password creation policy in place to keep users from choosing simple codes such as “12345″ or “password” to protect sensitive company documents. But not all of those policies actually result in strong passwords.

7 most useful Facebook tips for privacy and security

Facebook can be a boon for a company’s business or an individual’s career. But it can also be a security threat, or – as politicians have proved – a major source of embarrassment.

Police called after passwords stolen from employee’s desk

A recent dust-up at an elementary school provides a valuable lesson about good password management: