Data center outages approaching the $9,000/minute mark

In a few short years, data center outages have nearly doubled in cost. One big part of this trend: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

Are you really getting the cloud uptime you expect?

One of the scariest things about putting information in the cloud is not knowing if you’ll always be able to access it. Companies want outstanding uptime, and providers promise it. But who’s checking if they’re actually delivering? 

Routine upgrade causes major outage: 3 lessons for IT

Scheduled upgrades usually go off without a hitch, but when they don’t – well, we don’t need to tell you what a headache that can be. Dropbox learned that lesson over the weekend. 

Top 3 hidden costs of cloud computing and how to avoid them

A lot of companies are adopting cloud services but are worried about spending too much to cover the hidden costs of cloud computing. Here are some of the things IT needs to look out for. 

How to prepare for the real cloud computing security threat

Many companies are concerned about their data being breached in the Cloud, but there may be a bigger cloud computing security threat to worry about. 

Companies lose $5,000 per minute during data center outages

Obviously, no company wants its data center to go down. But just how much is lost during those outages?