Quick guide to state data breach notification laws

There’s no national data breach notification law, but odds are your organization is still required to take action after a security incident. 

Report: Companies hide key info about data breaches

After a data theft, it’s important for companies to perform a proper breach notification. However, a recent study says companies fail to report key information after they’re breached. 

Senate considers national data breach notification law

Most businesses are already required by state law to notify affected people after a data breach, but a new proposed data breach notification law in Congress could make compliance easier and less complicated. 

Companies fail to report data breaches, says ex-FBI agent

In October of last year, the SEC issued guidelines telling publicly traded companies when they must report details of a cybersecurity attack. But eight months later, companies are still not being honest about breaches and other incidents, according to a recent report. 

5 rules for notifying customers about a data breach

When businesses are hit with data breaches, they face not only legal fees and other clean-up costs, but also potential lost business and damages to the organization’s reputation. Those costs can be significant, which is why it’s critical to respond properly after a breach.

Cut the cost of a data breach: 4 steps IT can take now

It’s almost inevitable that a company will become the victim of a data breach at some point. But there are some steps organizations can take to minimize the harm those incidents cause.

Report: Hacked companies neglecting mandatory disclosures

Despite recent guidance from the federal government explaining when publicly traded companies must disclose details about information security incidents, many companies are failing to do so, according to a new report. 

How NOT to handle a data breach

As some recent cases have shown, companies must not only work hard at protecting their data, but they must also know what to do if and when those protections break down.