Mobile infections shot up 96%: What it means for you

With at least one smart device in nearly every user’s arsenal – and many holding corporate information – mobile infections pose a bigger threat to your security than ever.

Mobile malware infects users, then goes after contacts

A revamped version of recently discovered mobile malware pulls out all the stops: It uses multiple methods of attack, spreads rapidly to users’ contact lists via text messages and disguises itself well. Here’s what to watch out for. 

Mobile virus threat is overblown, security experts say

While some observers have been warning companies and consumers for a while about the growing problem of malware attacking smartphones, recent reports show the mobile virus threat has yet to have much of an impact. 

5 new attacks hackers are using in 2013

Hackers are getting smarter and are hitting businesses with new types of cyber security attacks. Can your organization keep up? 

Report: iPhone apps just as risky as Android’s

Most reports of mobile security threats center around Android viruses or other threats targeting Google’s smartphone and tablet platform. But that doesn’t mean Apple’s iOS is immune from attacks. 

3 mobile security myths putting your data at risk

As workers become more mobile, IT departments need to take steps to secure smartphones and tablets. But those efforts may be hindered by some incorrect beliefs about mobile security. 

Mobile security vendor: 1% of Android devices will be attacked by malware in 2013

By the end of 2013, roughly 1% of all Android smartphone users will be the victim of a malware infection, according to a new mobile security report. 

Android malware more common than computer viruses, Sophos says

Mobile malware is becoming more common – and now it”s an even bigger threat than viruses attacking PCs, according to a new report. 

25% of Google Play apps are risky, report says [INFOGRAPHIC]

If it seems like every other week, a new report comes out likening the growth of risky Android malware to the spread of the flu in a crowded office, it”s not your imagination. 

Mobile malware grew 600% in 3 months

Trend Micro, a provider of content security software, recently announced mobile malware targeting Android devices increased dramatically between July and September. Way more than security experts predicted, in fact.