Study: Businesses are developing mobile apps with serious vulnerabilities

Security experts have done a lot of fretting about how users may put company data at risk by downloading malicious or vulnerable mobile apps into smartphones they use for work. And now, a new report warns how businesses may be developing a lot of vulnerable apps on their own. 

Keys for securing mobile apps

As smartphones and tablets become more common, companies are developing mobile apps for their employees and customers. In this guest post, Dean Vella offers some tips on how to keep those apps secure. 

Survey: Businesses disappointed with IT’s mobile development efforts

Mobile development is a key trend in technology and business right now, but IT and other departments are struggling to get on the same page, a new survey says. 

Lack of a mobile website will cost businesses customers, survey says

Here’s one skill you may want to add to the IT department, either in-house or via a consultant or outsourcing provider: 

Survey: IT not driving mobile development efforts

Most companies are investing in custom mobile development, according to a recent survey. But the money for mobile app projects is coming from outside IT. 

Why your company needs a mobile development strategy

Mobile development is about more than just coding. Mobile websites and apps can have a much greater impact on a company’s bottom line when they are part of a comprehensive mobile development strategy.