What to do when an employee makes a mistake – and you have to clean it up

There are many benefits to being a manager, but one of the downsides is that you’re responsible when one of your employees makes a mistake.

Users’ security mistakes are IT’s fault

Many data security breaches are blamed on user mistakes. But IT’s security strategy is often to blame for those errors. 

7 security mistakes users and IT departments make

As the costs of cyber crime continue to rise, there are some steps both IT departments and users should be taking to better protect data. 

Top 10 ways employees put your company’s data at risk

Businesses face a lot of IT security threats, but a large percentage could be avoided with a change in users’ behavior. Here are 10 of the most common ways employees put their companies at risk: 

10 worst IT security screw-ups of 2012

This past year was a rough one for IT security. Hackers gained access to billions of sensitive records in 2012, using a mix of sophisticated new attacks and old techniques – as well as exploiting some big mistakes on the part of organizations.

Lighter side: ‘Reply all’ blunder clogs 40,000 inboxes

Many users in your company have probably made the mistake of accidentally using “reply all” when responding to emails. Hopefully, those incidents didn’t lead to thousands of messages being sent among 40,000 people. 

10 basic IT security mistakes companies still make

IT departments have a lot on their plates, including many big projects such as virtualization or a move to cloud computing. But unfortunately, focusing on complex issues can sometimes make IT pros forget about simple steps to keep data secure. 

How users accidentally break IT equipment

Do the users in your organization know they shouldn’t actually use their company-issued laptops on their laps? Don’t bet on it.

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With so many people – including IT pros – currently looking for work, it’s important to write resumes that can grab someone’s attention. But these caught the hiring manager’s eye for the wrong reasons.

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Today’s IT departments are overworked as it is, so there’s often nothing worse than dealing with preventable support problems.