Companies with Windows 7 users must take this step now

Microsoft’s ever-confusing update policy just got a little more cloudy. If users don’t apply a recent update, they could soon find themselves locked out of Internet Explorer security patches. 

Microsoft issues record-breaking IE patches

On an otherwise quiet Patch Tuesday in June, Microsoft issued its single largest patch to a program ever. The update addresses 59 security issues in various versions of its flagship browser, Internet Explorer. 

Zero-day affects most popular version of Internet Explorer

Generally, vendors like to keep security flaws under wraps. Once notified, they’ll work on a fix and patch it before it can make news. But it’s been seven long months since a flaw was discovered in Internet Explorer 8 – and many are wondering Microsoft will ever do anything about it. 

Microsoft extends support deadline for Windows … But it’s not XP

In the wake of the XP deadline, IT might have thought it had heard the last of Microsoft urging users to update their operating systems immediately. But now one of the newest versions of Windows needs to updated ASAP – or it’ll be left just as vulnerable as XP.

Internet Explorer zero-day leaves users vulnerable

Whatever IT pros had on their to-do lists this week, something that just came up is probably going to trump it. It has to do with the popular browser Internet Explorer.

Microsoft gives a small break to Windows XP shops

For those shops that aren’t completely off Windows XP yet, two pieces of almost-good news: One, you’re definitely not alone, and two, Microsoft is extending some security programs before end-of-life this April. 

Watch out for the end of Office 2003 support

The end of Windows XP support will leave many businesses open to serious security attacks if they don’t upgrade soon. But that’s not the only popular software that’s about to lose security patches. 

Need to stick with XP? 3 options for the end of support

The end of official Windows XP support from Microsoft is now less than nine months away, but many businesses, for various reasons, can”t pry themselves away from the more-than-decade-old OS. 

‘Near-final’ Windows 8.1 build leaked

Most organizations still aren’t sold on Windows 8, and many are waiting for the upcoming Windows 8.1 update before they make up their minds. A recently leaked build might show IT what to expect. 

5 things IT needs to know about Microsoft Excel

As an IT manager, it’s likely that Excel will be one of the main tools that you encounter. In this guest post, Andy Brown lists five things that you need to keep in mind when managing and using Microsoft’s ever-popular spreadsheet.