Android flaw succeeds despite security advice

There are some basic rules for mobile security that have long been thought to keep you in the clear. But researchers have discovered these rules might not be able to protect Android devices from “pileup” malware. 

The Android malware trend no one’s talking about

Another day, another study showing Android dominates Apple in mobile malware. But the latest study also has another figure that will be of interest to IT – one that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage. 

3 things every IT pro can learn from the Target attack

Even if your company isn’t in retail and has never processed a credit card transaction, there are some major lessons to be learned from the recent Target data breach. 

Will you be ready for the top security threats of 2014?

It’s December, which means it’s the time to look back on the year’s best-of lists, top news stories … and yes, even malware attacks and security threats. 

3 ways malware is bypassing companies’ antivirus software

Most companies are using antivirus software, firewalls and other security tools to protect their networks. But attackers are constantly finding new ways to get around those controls. 

Top 3 places malware is hiding now

Cyber criminals always seem to stay one step ahead of IT – as protections improve in some areas, the hackers shift their focus to others. 

The biggest targets in today’s cyber attacks

What organizations are in cyber criminals’ crosshairs now? A better question might be: Who isn’t being targeted? 

Study shows the limits of IT security training

IT security training is a critical layer in any company’s plan to protect data – but new research shows that even highly trained users are susceptible to hackers’ new sophisticated attacks.

The 25 costliest tech screw-ups of all time

All organizations depend on IT to keep operations up and running. That means tech mistakes – even seemingly minor ones – can have a huge impact on the organization and its bottom line. 

Top free antivirus programs to protect your company’s network

Many companies are trying to decide whether antivirus software is worth spending money on. For those that say no, guest blogger Cara Aley has some advice on the best free antivirus programs companies can choose.