Yet another code error puts users at risk

Apple’s recent SSL code bug was bad. There’s no denying that. But another recently discovered error in coding could be even worse. 

10 steps to keep your Linux project on track

Many IT teams are turning to Linux for parts of their companies infrastructure. But Linux projects require some extra care, as Simon Mitchell discusses in this guest post. 

Ubuntu Touch: The next popular mobile OS?

Right now, there’s a two-way race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android for dominance of the mobile market. But that could change with some brand new mobile operating systems planned for the near future – including the upcoming Ubuntu Touch. 

3 keys for open source software implementations

Open source software is a viable option for businesses and can deliver many benefits besides cost savings. But organizations must prepare for some challenges along the way. 

Survey: This IT skill is in high demand now

Opportunities are increasing for workers in many IT jobs, but one group of IT professionals is in especially high demand right now: 

Cost, big data concerns driving use of enterprise Linux

Companies are expanding their use of enterprise Linux, citing benefits such as lower costs, improved security and a better ability to handle big data, according to a recent survey.

Google dumps Windows, citing security concerns

The push against Microsoft’s dominance of business machines got a big boost recently when Google announced its employees will no longer use Windows desktops.