Company sues after former employees took confidential info: Who won?

Workers saved company information to a thumb drive, then quit to start a rival business. Their former employer sued. The outcome shows why safe data transfer policies are important and must be clear.

Heads up: Data breaches could be getting more costly

What’s the cost of a few stolen laptops? Try $3 million, thanks to a controversial data breach settlement.

If former users stole data, why did the court give them a pass?

A recent lawsuit shows that when it comes to protecting your systems, IT might not receive much help through legal avenues. In this case, former employees stole data, but the lawsuit against them had to be thrown out because it relies on a very old law.

Caught watching porn at work: So why did he get his job back?

This case had “you’re fired” written all over it. A teacher was caught watching and emailing porn at work. But a judge ruled he could get his job back. Why? 

Court: Company can’t read personal email on employee’s smartphone

As more employees use mobile devices for work, IT departments are trying to develop policies to protect sensitive company information from new mobile security threats. But rules might also be needed to protect employee privacy as well. 

The 25 costliest tech screw-ups of all time

All organizations depend on IT to keep operations up and running. That means tech mistakes – even seemingly minor ones – can have a huge impact on the organization and its bottom line. 

When can data breaches get companies sued?

In recent years, many victims of IT security incidents have filed data breach lawsuits. When are companies being held accountable after data is stolen? 

Cloud computing provider sued for ‘unworkable’ IT support

Any time a company contracts with a cloud computing provider, there’s a risk that the services won’t live up to the company’s expectations. But in one recent case, things were bad enough that the customer filed a lawsuit claiming the vendor misrepresented itself. 

Insider data theft lands company in court

While many data breach lawsuits have been thrown out because the victims couldn”t show they suffered any actual harm, there have been some recent cases that were allowed to move forward. 

Do companies need data breach insurance?

A recent lawsuit highlights the importance of a data breach insurance policy that specifically covers the losses suffered during an IT security incident.