CISPA passed in House again – does it stand a chance this time?

Almost a year after the House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), the House has approved a new version of the controversial bill. 

Federal cyber security law voted down – executive order on the way?

Despite support from President Obama, a major proposal for a cyber security law has been voted down in the Senate. Experts say that may mean an executive order is on its away. 

What Obama's re-election means for IT

While technology wasn”t addressed a whole lot during the presidential campaign, experts say Obama”s re-election will have an impact on IT – particularly in the areas of cyber security, privacy and piracy.

Quick guide to state data breach notification laws

There’s no national data breach notification law, but odds are your organization is still required to take action after a security incident. 

Senate delays IT security law – possibly for good

Last week, the Senate failed to pass a proposed IT security law that would protect tech systems supporting the nation’s critical infrastructure — and could unfairly increase costs for private businesses, according to some critics. 

Revamped Secure IT Act introduced in the Senate

We’ve reported recently on proposals for cybersecurity laws being drafted and introduced in Congress. Now here comes a new proposal from Senate Republicans. 

Alternative IT security law proposed in Senate

As the debate continues over various proposed federal IT security laws, a new bill has been introduced that’s being labeled a compromise between different proposals. 

Controversial IT security bill passed by the house

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a modified cybersecurity bill designed to help organizations and the government share more information about IT security threats. But the bill still faces several obstacles before it becomes law. 

Alternate IT security law proposed in Senate

In response to a wide-reaching IT security law proposed in Congress, a group of Senators has introduced a different, more business-friendly bill.