How your internship program can compete against tech giants

It’s that time of year again: The temperatures are rising, schools are out, and internships are blooming.

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One reason for the lack of women in IT could be the way job descriptions are written, according to one study.

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One benefit that might help companies win the war for IT talent: telecommuting. But why don’t more IT departments let staff work from home? 

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IT departments set to grow 9% in the beginning of 2013

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Looking for a better job? Try health IT

Folks looking for IT jobs are in a better position than many other job seekers. And that’s especially true for those looking for work in health IT. 

Where are all the IT jobs?

The market for IT jobs is stronger than the overall job market, but IT pros in certain cities and with certain skills will be better off than others. 

Do tech job ads discriminate against American IT pros?

Despite laws against the practice, a recent report says many IT job listings display a preference for foreign-born workers.