Study: Average company wastes $100,000 a year on unnecessary cellular charges

As user mobility becomes more important, cellular phones are taking up a bigger chunk of companies’ budgets. And, according to a new study, a lot of that money is being wasted. 

Mobile malware grew three-fold last year

While some experts don’t buy that mobile malware is as big a threat as security vendors make it out to be, one thing is clear: As smartphones become more common, so will viruses and other security threats that attack them. 

6 ways to make users care more about security

User behavior has always had a big impact on information security. But new tech trends have expanded users’ role in protecting data — and increased the need for effective IT security training. 

White House CIO shares horror stories of old tech, long outages

Most IT managers struggle to keep systems running and keep their companies up-to-date with new technology. But here’s something that might make them feel better about their own departments: Even top-level IT leaders in the federal government have to deal with those same challenges. 

Survey: Careless mobile users more dangerous than hackers

The flood of consumer devices connecting to companies’ networks has led to increased security incidents – mainly because of user carelessness, according to a recent survey of IT professionals. 

Let users’ personal devices help: 5 IT consumerization policy keys

The consumerization of IT is a trend that’s not likely to reverse any time soon. And it’s up to IT to manage the flood of users bringing their own devices to work in a way that benefits the organization, rather than puts it at risk.