No new iPhone, but Apple announces MacBook, iOS updates

Despite what most observers were hoping, the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) did not include any information about the upcoming iPhone 5. However, the event included some other key updates: 

IBM: iPhone’s Siri may create new security risks

Apple’s iPhone may be becoming the preferred mobile platform for most business, but some management challenges remain. Recently, tech giant IBM has warned that Siri, the popular voice recognition feature in the latest version of the smartphone, could open companies up to significant security risks. 

Why IT is now choosing the iPhone over other smartphones

When Apple’s iPhone was first released, it was generally thought of as a popular consumer gadget that had no place in business. But now, despite the unique challenges, more IT departments are supporting the iPhone than any other mobile platform. 

5 ways to secure the iPhone for business use

The iPhone has started to unseat more corporate-friendly mobile gadgets such as the Blackberry as the device most often used in a business setting. Here are some steps IT can take to help limit the security risks of users’ smartphone of choice.

Using an iPhone more important to users than free coffee, vacation days

If your company doesn’t allow employees to bring in their devices to use for work, you’ve probably heard requests to start doing so. But how important to employees is getting to use their own iPhone?

iPhone or Android: Which is more secure?

Android smartphones have made headlines recently due to a few high-profile malware incidents. But overall, how does Android’s security compare to that of Apple’s devices?

Verizon iPhone announced

A few years’ worth of rumors and speculation have finally come true: Verizon has announced that its subscribers will be able to get the iPhone starting next month.

And the worst wireless carrier is …

Thinking of switching providers for your users’ wireless service? Consumer Reports has some advice for you.

MS compares iPhone 4 to its own flawed product

Antenna problems have made the launch of the new iPhone a less than stellar event for Apple. In fact, the problem was so bad, the phone was compared to Windows Vista.

iPhone in business: IT departments have a change of heart

Does your IT department support the iPhone? If so, you aren’t alone (anymore).