Interview strategies to hire the best in IT

Interviews are a critical part of the IT hiring process. But with so little time to assess candidates, what are the best questions for managers to ask? 

5 common IT hiring mistakes to avoid

There’s a lot of competition for IT talent right now, and companies can’t afford to bring in the wrong people. Here are five common IT hiring mistakes to avoid:

The Ultimate IT Hiring Guide: Make a solid hire every time

Demand for IT workers with specific skills is strong. Increased regulatory requirements, mounds and mounds of data to collect, analyze and store, security concerns, booming technologies that businesses are hurrying to deploy – all these trends are leading to an uptick in the IT job market in 2012. 

IT pros say most of their peers cheat on certification exams

Many IT professionals tout certifications to help themselves stand out during the hiring process. But managers beware: Some certifications you see listed on resumes may not have been earned honestly. 

Managers’ top 5 interview mistakes

Gauging a job candidate’s potential for success during an interview is always a challenge, but there are steps IT managers can take to help to make sure only the best pass through the interview process.