Insider leak: 350,000 financial accounts compromised

An employee at a branch office of a major financial institution has been fired for compromising 10% of its customers’ data. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a similar fate.

The cost of cyberattacks just keeps climbing

Cyberattacks are going to cost companies some serious cash. The only really question is how much it will be and what steps you need to take to prepare for these devastating incidents. 

FBI issues warning: Watch out for insider threats

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently sounded an alarm for IT pros. It’s seen an uptick in cyberattacks against businesses – and the threat is increasingly coming from disgruntled and former employees. 

Insider threats are pummeling IT

Two recent surveys show that the biggest threat to your systems isn’t actually hackers, it’s the insider threat caused by people in your own building – and many of them are IT pros. 

Top 10 ways employees put your company’s data at risk

Businesses face a lot of IT security threats, but a large percentage could be avoided with a change in users’ behavior. Here are 10 of the most common ways employees put their companies at risk: 

Manager wants IT to spy on employees: How to respond?

IT has a lot of ways to spy on employees” behavior, data and other information. But that doesn”t mean they should be put to use. 

5 cost-effective ways to beef up IT security in your business

Too many businesses ignore best practices for IT security because they’re strained for resources. In this guest post, Beverly James outlines some low- and no-cost ways to improve security in your organization. 

The biggest targets in today’s cyber attacks

What organizations are in cyber criminals’ crosshairs now? A better question might be: Who isn’t being targeted? 

Survey: IT employees have access to too much data

IT pros aren’t confident that their company can fend off data breaches, according to a recent survey – and part of the blame lies inside the IT department. 

Survey: Users don’t think theft of intellectual property is wrong or illegal

A company’s own employees present one of the biggest threats to the security of its data – and many of those users are clueless when it comes to security policies and law.