How to sell your small business to potential IT employees

Competition for IT employees is high right now, and many small companies may find they’re having trouble attracting top talent. But there are some ways smaller organizations can use their size to their advantage. 

Interview strategies to hire the best in IT

Interviews are a critical part of the IT hiring process. But with so little time to assess candidates, what are the best questions for managers to ask? 

5 ways to keep IT staff working as a team

Like any group of people, members of an IT staff don’t always get along. In this guest post, workplace expert Jennifer Michelle has some advice for when trouble brews. 

Study: Pay gap for women in IT is gone

While the debate continues regarding the low numbers of women in IT and whether organizations should do anything to change it, one recent study offered a bit of good news: 

These IT pros will get the biggest raises this year

Recent reports have been showing that IT salaries are increasing on average across the whole field. But here’s one factor that could affect how much IT pros gain: 

Why your top IT pros will quit their jobs

Many managers complain that the salary they can offer their employees is to a large degree beyond their control. The good news: Supervisors have a bigger influence over the top reasons employees really quit their job.  

The Ultimate IT Hiring Guide: Make a solid hire every time

Demand for IT workers with specific skills is strong. Increased regulatory requirements, mounds and mounds of data to collect, analyze and store, security concerns, booming technologies that businesses are hurrying to deploy – all these trends are leading to an uptick in the IT job market in 2012. 

IT pros like their jobs – but still want to quit

Some good news for IT managers: Most IT employees are satisfied and engaged in their jobs, according to a recent survey. But the bad news: 

40% of IT pros looking for work: How you can stand out

Things are very active in the tech job market right now, with a lot of companies trying to fill IT jobs and a lot of IT pros looking to change employers. Here are some tips for how tech job seekers can stand out from the competition.

IT jobs will grow 22% by 2020, BLS says

A recent government report predicts a mixed bag for the future growth of IT jobs in the U.S.