5 metrics to unlock your help desk’s potential

You’ve heard the old saying “you can’t change what you can’t measure.” And one area that most definitely needs changing is the help desk if you ask users, IT managers and even the staffers who work in them. 

What skills will you be wishing for this year?

The hot new gaming consoles or smartphones might not be what IT wants most this year. In fact the top of many IT pros’ wishlists could just be “a little help.” 

3 lies users love to tell the help desk

Work in IT long enough and you’re bound to hear every excuse, complaint and problem in the book. That’s just part of the job. What you might not be ready for, however, is how often users will look a tech in the face and tell an outright lie. 

How to make life easier for IT pros

IT pros are often overworked and under a lot of stress. In this guest post, Elizabeth Phillips describes some things organizations can do to make life easier for support staff. 

Weak link in many companies’ security plans: The help desk

What’s one often overlooked area hiding a lot of IT security threats? Hint: It’s the part of the IT department that has the most frequent contact with the rest of the organization. 

Internet down? Troubleshooting tips for remote users

As more users work from home, IT must handle more calls from those remote workers. One of the common issues: a lost Internet connection. In this guest post, Debbie Allen offers some tips to pass along to telecommuters so they can troubleshoot web problems on their own. 

IT glitches waste more time than social networking, survey says

Since Facebook first became a hit a few years ago, managers and IT pros have been wondering if the use of social networking at work will destroy productivity. But social media isn’t the biggest time-waster out there, according to one recent survey. 

Users blame workplace stress on IT

Most employees are stressed out, and many of them blame their workplace technology. And the more tech gadgets employees have, the more stressed out they are. 

Stress driving 67% of IT pros to consider career change

There’s one thing most IT employees want, and offering it could help companies retain their best tech employees, even as the IT job market heats up: 

1 in 5 users would quit a job because of IT

Users’ frustrations about tech problems can add up – a new survey says those issues could actually make users consider leaving the company. Here are some ways IT can improve support to keep bad tech problems from driving employees out the door.