TN hospital attacked, 24K records vulnerable

A Tennessee hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system was hacked by a cryptocurrency-mining software, exposing the info of more than 24,000 patients.

New app helps distract sick kids in hospitals: How it could work for IT

Trips to the hospital are scary for anyone … and when you’re a kid, it’s terrifying. But a new app across the pond is helping ease some of those worries.

The industry at biggest risk of cyberattacks

Any company can (and probably will) be targeted by cyberattackers at some point. But which industry is most at risk of attack? A new study has the answer. 

Hospital ignores repeated warnings about data breach

One of the trickiest parts about IT security is recognizing when a breach has occurred so the damage can be mitigated. And that’s especially the case when organizations ignore clear warnings about vulnerabilities. 

Report: Lots of IT jobs available in this industry

While the market for IT jobs in general is better than many other areas, a recent report says one industry is experiencing an acute shortage of tech talent. 

Study: Smartphones and tablets can ruin users’ sleep patterns

A recent study has a warning about smartphones, tablets and other portable devices: Using those gadgets may cause sleep problems and other health issues. 

Study finds thousands of sensitive docs on P2P networks

Data thieves have a new place to go to find a treasure trove of valuable information: peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.