Businesses are less prepared for cyber threats than they think

Threats to your company’s systems are always out there – from scammers, to hackers, to data breaches and outages. But when it comes to preparing for these incidents and their fallout, many companies take the approach of “we’ll deal with it if it comes up.”

Judge: Bipolar disorder no excuse for e-mail hacking

The insanity defense has been around in criminal cases for a while, but this may be the first time it’s been used to defend breaking into someone’s e-mail account.

IT director jailed for hacking ex-employer’s network

Companies must take steps to protect computer networks from departing workers. As this recent story shows, even high-level IT employees can do considerable damage when they’ve got a motive and the means.

Young folks like to hack

Recent research shows cybercrime is hip among young people.

Identity thieves’ preferred source of personal info

Give users and execs in your company a heads up to check their bank and credit card statements after they travel for business or pleasure.