Most hackers don’t do it for financial gain

Which is more frightening: The idea of a cyberattack designed to cripple your business and pull in big bucks or the idea that hackers are just launching these attacks for the hell of it? 

IoT update: Hackers can come in through the light bulb

For anyone who doubted the Internet of Things (IoT) poses security headaches, a recent report should be a wake-up call. 

Cyberattack puts provider out of business: 3 lessons learned

The news came recently that hackers had successfully taken down an entire company with a well-crafted cyberattack. And while the prospect of losing your business to hackers is frightening enough for IT pros, that’s only one of the many serious consequences this incident has for IT.

Poor password policies are killing companies: 10 ways to fix it

A recent survey shows that when it comes to password policies and revoking credentials, many companies are getting a failing grade – and some of the worst offenders out there are in the IT department.

Warning to iPhone users: Change your Apple password NOW

Many iPhone and iPad users were shocked to wake up and find that their devices had been locked out remotely – and they’d have to pay up if they wanted them unlocked. 

4 keys to protecting against foreign hackers

Small businesses face the threat of security attacks from all over the world. In this guest post, Myrtle Gray lists some of the basic steps all businesses should be taking to protect themselves. 

Watering hole attacks: Hackers lying in wait

A new type of online threat emerged this summer and, unfortunately, web security is once again at the heart of the matter.

Symantec: Attacks against small businesses doubled since last year

While larger organizations are still cybercriminals” favorite target, IT security attacks against small businesses are becoming more common as hackers realize SMBs are often easier to breach.

5 scariest stories from Black Hat 2012

At the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, security professionals unveiled a host of new security threats facing corporate and personal technology. These were the scariest new attacks demonstrated: 

Don’t get hacked like Yahoo: 3 lessons to learn

A group of hackers recently stole the email addresses and passwords of more than 450,000 Yahoo account holders. Here are three key IT security lessons organizations can learn from the Yahoo hack.