Hire techs like Google … more or less

A Google HR exec has a new book out that tells you how to hire the best candidates just like Google does … that is, if you have a nearly unlimited budget and a giant organization behind you. 

Google backs off – just a little – on Project Zero

The controversial Project Zero made Google a lot of enemies, from software giants to companies and individual users caught in the middle. Now Google is deciding to take it a little easier on its critics. 

Microsoft and Google fight, we all lose

Conflicting policies on how and when to address patches left IT with the possibility of a zero-day attack. The cause of that gap in protection: Microsoft and Google didn’t quite see eye-to-eye on when patches need to be made available.

Google Glass: 6 benefits for businesses

Google Glass is a device that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. But does it have any benefits for businesses? In this guest post, Sam Melton says yes. 

Mobile virus threat is overblown, security experts say

While some observers have been warning companies and consumers for a while about the growing problem of malware attacking smartphones, recent reports show the mobile virus threat has yet to have much of an impact. 

Browser security flaw could put passwords at risk

Browser security is one key to protecting an organization’s network, since the majority of security attacks come from the Internet. But security experts recently uncovered a flaw in a popular browser that could leave users open to a different kind of threat. 

Tech group launches petition against passwords

IT departments often struggle to get users to choose secure passwords. But many experts say they shouldn”t even bother. 

Interview strategies to hire the best in IT

Interviews are a critical part of the IT hiring process. But with so little time to assess candidates, what are the best questions for managers to ask? 

Most Android security threats would be blocked with a software upgrade

As Android security threats rise, a new report highlights what could be an effective way to stop most attacks. 

Time to give up on the password, Google says

Countless studies have shown that the majority of users choose weak or flat-out dumb passwords. The solution, according to some IT security experts and tech companies: Abandon passwords completely.