Gear up for 2015: Gartner predicts its Top 10

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2014, it’s getting to be about that time to look into the future and start planning for the next year’s priorities. Research firm Gartner is getting a bit of a jump on things by predicting what the biggest tech trends of 2015 will be.

6 ways cloud computing contracts put security at risk

Cloud security is becoming a big deal as more data and applications are being hosted by third-party providers. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t fully using their greatest weapon to help protect their information: cloud computing vendor contracts. 

Survey: CEOs plan to boost tech spending, despite economic concerns

A new report says businesses will be hesitant to boost spending this year – but IT may have an easier time getting a budget increase than other departments. 

Keeping XP until Windows 8 arrives? Bad idea, experts say

Many businesses are planning to stick with Windows XP until Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8, is released. But some experts are warning that’s a dangerous tactic.

Why CFOs don’t respect IT – and how you can change that

At more and more companies, the CFO has direct control over IT. But unfortunately, recent research shows most CFOs have a low opinion of the IT groups working under them.

Good news: Worldwide IT spending is up

According to the latest estimates, growth in IT spending this year will be even better than previously anticipated.

Pros and cons of cloud storage

Considering turning to the cloud to solve your business’s storage issues? Here are some reasons you should – and why you should stay away.

4 risks of cloud computing contracts

Cloud computing has grown in popularity recently, but it’s still relatively new, and some kinks need to be worked out in the way services are delivered.

Forecast: IT budgets to increase in 2011

According to Gartner, IT spending worldwide is expected to be $3.6 trillion in 2011, a 5.1% increase from the $3.4 trillion spent in 2010.

IT struggling to keep up with flood of new data

If your business has struggled to keep up with the huge amounts of data it must store, you aren’t alone.