3 keys to actually getting those cloud savings you were promised

You’ve heard over and over that the cloud offers great opportunities for cost savings – and may have reaped some of the benefits already. Here’s a step-by-step guide for making sure you’re the hero who is able to harness these benefits and show their worth to decision makers. 

Execs think your IT budget is bigger than it really is, report says

It often seems like IT has a harder time justifying a budget increase than the other departments in the company. One reason that might be the case: Finance leaders and other execs are misinformed about how big the IT budget actually is. 

Forrester: Cloud computing will never work for some applications

Cloud computing will never take over as the primary way IT services are delivered, according to a recent Forrester report. The reason: Some applications aren’t ready for the Cloud and never will be. 

Forrester: Tablets will be our main computing device by 2016

Many IT departments right now are deciding whether to support tablets for the users in their organizations. But some experts say they soon won’t have a choice. 

IT to spend $10 billion on iPads in 2012, Forrester says

More IT departments will be required to support the consumer-friendly iPad tablet in 2012. One of the reasons: 

Forrester: Time for IT to support Macs

Though many business IT environments remain Windows-only, some experts say it’s time to start supporting Macs – partly because employees are using them anyway.

Most employees work remotely – can your department support them?

Working away from the office is becoming the norm for most employees, and IT needs to make sure it’s helping rather than hurting remote users’ productivity.

4 pitfalls in MS Office upgrades

Is your business planning for an upgrade to Office 2010 any time soon? If so, watch out for these common mistakes.