Huge SSL flaw puts millions at risk: What you need to know

The OpenSSL library, a cryptographic service for up to two-thirds of the web, has recently patched a serious and far reaching vulnerability that could allow a hacker to snoop on your files completely undetected. 

The biggest barriers to data encyrption

Data encryption is on a lot of IT pros’ minds these days. It’s also on a lot of their to-do lists. But when push comes to shove, far too few have taken the plunge and made it a priority. 

3 key steps for website security

Part of an effective IT security program for most businesses should be protecting online transactions with customers. In this guest post, Anand Srinivasan describes some of the website security keys businesses should keep in mind. 

7 common mistakes that let hackers steal data

Businesses are leaving a lot of information open to cyber attackers. And that’s leading to IT security incidents with some serious financial consequences. 

FTC: Company kept too much data, failed to secure it

Allowing users to carry sensitive data on a portable computing device creates a certain amount of risk. But here’s a data breach that occurred because several pieces of IT equipment were stolen from an employee’s car. 

IT’s guide to cloud computing security

Despite some significant cloud security concerns, many businesses are going forward with their plans to adopt cloud computing services — even when it requires uploading sensitive data to the Cloud. 

3 simple IT mistakes that caused a breach of 800,000 records

A high-ranking IT official in Utah recently resigned after “human error” led to a massive data breach affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the state. Here’s what went wrong. 

3 common data encryption myths

To IT professionals, using encryption for sensitive data is common sense. But organizations often don’t implement the technology, in part because users and decision makers still believe these myths about data encryption: 

Less than half of small businesses verify cloud providers’ security

Many IT security experts agree that cloud computing providers could be doing more to protect their customers’ data. But that doesn’t mean customers don’t have their own responsibilities when it comes to cloud security. 

Employee loses USB drive containing nuclear safety report

Officials in England recently saw firsthand the information security dangers created by employees’ portable USB drives.