3 lessons you can take away from Amazon’s outage

If webpages were loading slowly for you or not at all yesterday, you’re not alone. An outage at Amazon Web Services threw many organizations into chaos. Here’s why it matters, and what you can do to prepare. 

Survey: Most companies fall short of uptime goals

A survey of customers has found that companies have lofty expectations for the amount of uptime they get each year, but the reality of what their providers deliver may not live up to those goals. 

System changes put organizations at risk

IT is an ever-changing and adapting part of any business. But the way companies manage these changes could be putting their organizations at risk, a recent study has found. 

3 steps to prevent costly IT failure

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The top threats facing SMB networks

Keeping networks up and running is a critical job of any company’s IT department. Problems with the network can lead to down time, which in turn may mean lost revenue. 

How to prepare for the real cloud computing security threat

Many companies are concerned about their data being breached in the Cloud, but there may be a bigger cloud computing security threat to worry about. 

Avoid the pitfalls of disaster recovery in the Cloud: 6 keys

The fallout from Hurricane Sandy probably has many companies rethinking their disaster recovery plans. One key question: Can IT trust cloud computing services for their disaster plans? 

Firm blames squirrels for 17% of data center crashes

Data center crashes can cause huge problems for IT departments, but those issues often have very low-tech causes. What’s most often to blame when a data center goes down? 

What’s most likely to cause your next network outage?

A recent survey shows that significant network downtime is more common than IT managers would like — and companies are taking big hits in lost business and productivity. What’s behind those outages?