IT pro outsources his own job to China

Many companies have saved money with IT outsourcing. But this probably isn’t what they had in mind. 

Lack of a mobile website will cost businesses customers, survey says

Here’s one skill you may want to add to the IT department, either in-house or via a consultant or outsourcing provider: 

MySQL basics for testers

Have you ever been part of this conversation? Development Group: The application is ready to be released! Management: Did you test it? Development Group: Um…yes…we ran our code in our development environment and everything worked great. Management: Test it again!! We hope that you haven’t been on either end of this conversation but many, many […]

Windows 8: New features to expect

Many IT people still using Windows XP are holding off on upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft’s OS and are considering just waiting until Windows 8 is released next year. Here’s where you can get an early peek at what the upcoming version will bring to the table.

New Facebook feature could be boon for hackers

Many folks already had big concerns about their privacy on Facebook, but a change in policy could increase the risk.