eBay breach shows just how poorly companies understand security

Companies should do everything in their power to prevent data breaches. They should hope and pray that customers’ info will never be touched. But that doesn’t mean they can get by without a plan of what to do in case a data breach happens. 

Heads up: Data breaches could be getting more costly

What’s the cost of a few stolen laptops? Try $3 million, thanks to a controversial data breach settlement.

The 25 costliest tech screw-ups of all time

All organizations depend on IT to keep operations up and running. That means tech mistakes – even seemingly minor ones – can have a huge impact on the organization and its bottom line. 

When can data breaches get companies sued?

In recent years, many victims of IT security incidents have filed data breach lawsuits. When are companies being held accountable after data is stolen? 

Hospital ignores repeated warnings about data breach

One of the trickiest parts about IT security is recognizing when a breach has occurred so the damage can be mitigated. And that’s especially the case when organizations ignore clear warnings about vulnerabilities. 

4 basic keys for database security

Despite hackers’ new sophisticated techniques, many data breaches still occur because of basic IT security mistakes. In this post, guest author Vanessa James lays out four critical steps for protecting databases. 

FTC: Company kept too much data, failed to secure it

Allowing users to carry sensitive data on a portable computing device creates a certain amount of risk. But here’s a data breach that occurred because several pieces of IT equipment were stolen from an employee’s car. 

10 worst IT security screw-ups of 2012

This past year was a rough one for IT security. Hackers gained access to billions of sensitive records in 2012, using a mix of sophisticated new attacks and old techniques – as well as exploiting some big mistakes on the part of organizations.

Insider data theft lands company in court

While many data breach lawsuits have been thrown out because the victims couldn”t show they suffered any actual harm, there have been some recent cases that were allowed to move forward. 

Quick guide to state data breach notification laws

There’s no national data breach notification law, but odds are your organization is still required to take action after a security incident.