Can you afford a data breach? Probably not

Everything is getting more expensive these days, and data breaches are no exception. Find out what’s sending the costs of breaches soaring, and what you can do to turn it around.

‘Zombie phones’ cost US companies $5.4 million per year

We’ve written before about the money companies are wasting because they still pay for mobile devices that are no longer in use or are being used by people no longer with the company. Now a new report shows the number of those “zombie” devices is growing in businesses. 

Cloud computing increased costs for 31% of companies, study says

Many businesses are turning to cloud computing services in part to help them cut costs. But a recent report says cloud computing savings may not be all they’re cracked up to be. 

Top 3 hidden costs of cloud computing and how to avoid them

A lot of companies are adopting cloud services but are worried about spending too much to cover the hidden costs of cloud computing. Here are some of the things IT needs to look out for. 

5 reasons cloud computing won't save as much as you expect

Cloud computing is the buzz word in IT right now, and many companies are adopting cloud services. But in this guest post, Vanessa Parks offers some reasons organizations may not be getting the benefits they expected. 

Federal CIO pushes for cloud computing adoption

One prominent IT expert recently delivered a ringing endorsement of cloud computing services: 

Survey: Smartphone users don’t care about costs

A new study finds users are doing a lot of work on mobile devices while they’re out of the office. That could have negative consequences for workers’ health and their company’s bottom line. 

9 reasons the Cloud won’t save as much as you think

Many businesses are saving money by turning to cloud computing services. But too often, companies fail to consider some common hidden costs and don’t save as much as they had planned. 

10 ways to cut the IT budget

Many IT departments are under pressure to trim their budgets, but don’t know where to look to find cost savings. Here’s some advice from tech experts on smart ways to cut the IT budget.  

Cost of a data breach rose 56% in the past year

Here’s another statistic IT pros might use to convince their organization’s finance department to invest more in data security: