Half of companies don’t care about data center efficiency

Green IT has been in the news a lot lately. But are stories about how big companies cut their data center power and cooling costs actually making other firms give up on doing so themselves? 

Simple steps to reduce power costs in the data center

Powering and cooling a data center takes up a lot of most companies’ operating budgets. The good news: There are a few steps IT can take to lower those costs. 

5 key factors for managing airflow in a server room

Any business with a server room has to balance the pressure to cut power and cooling costs with the need to keep IT equipment from overheating. In this guest post, data center expert Rob James explains how organizations can improve the airflow in their server rooms to control costs and keep equipment safe. 

5 ways to ensure your server room grows with your business

Businesses often run into problems when their IT infrastructure outgrows the area it’s housed in. In this guest post, writer Gloria Philips offers some advice for companies to design server rooms with space to grow. 

Energy saving ideas for smarter data center power

Data center power takes up a big chunk of the world’s energy consumption – and companies’ utility bills. What can IT do to improve data center efficiency? 

4 keys for more efficient data centers

IT departments everywhere are under pressure to become more efficient, and one item that takes up a huge chunk of IT’s budget is powering the organization’s data center. 

3 tips to cut growing power and cooling costs

As data centers grow, the energy required to power them takes up a bigger chunk of companies’ profits. Here’s some advice on how IT can lower its energy costs. 

IT wastes a lot of money in this area, says Intel

How warm does your company keep its data center? According to tech giant Intel, most companies are wasting a lot of money on data center cooling by keeping temperatures unnecessarily low.

Keep laptops cool in the summer heat

While some users may enjoy the summer weather, their computers definitely don’t. Keeping those devices cool is key to extending their lives.

Bad data center cooling costing IRS millions

How much can organizations save by doing some spring cleaning in the server room? A few million bucks, in the case of this federal agency.