Lessons from a data breach: Make sure you have your numbers right

The worst part of a data breach for many organizations isn’t just the information lost or stolen: It’s the loss of trust that happens when the public finds out. 

IT’s big communication problem

One of the biggest misconceptions about IT is that it exists in its own little universe. The caricature from other departments is that they’re the geeks in a side room that rarely come out to interact with co-workers. 

Executives’ top 5 complaints about IT

A top concern for most IT departments is getting better aligned with the needs and goals of the business. To do that, most executives say IT must do a better job in several key areas. 

Where do IT managers spend their time and money?

As they do with most areas, companies must find creative ways to divide two scarce resources in IT: time and money. A new survey looks at what areas tech leaders are focusing on now. 

Execs think your IT budget is bigger than it really is, report says

It often seems like IT has a harder time justifying a budget increase than the other departments in the company. One reason that might be the case: Finance leaders and other execs are misinformed about how big the IT budget actually is. 

Survey: IT hides negative security facts from execs

IT pros often complain that management doesn’t understand the true impact of lax security. But a recent survey shows why some of the blame may lay with IT itself. 

3 reasons execs aren’t getting the security message

Many organizations struggle with getting executives on board with IT security. Here are some ways improved communication can help. 

4 ways companies can destroy data silos

In most organizations, IT holds a lot of data – but that data isn’t always effectively shared among all divisions that need it. In this guest post, tech writer Aidan Grayson has some advice for how companies can tear down dreaded data silos.  _____________________________________________________________ The much maligned data silo occurs when one business unit within an organization […]

4 things employees hate about their boss

Here”s some bad news for a lot of IT managers: Many of your employees would rather see you get fired than to get a higher salary for themselves. 

9 soft skills IT pros need

As IT departments focus on working more closely with other sections of the organization, soft skills are becoming increasingly important for IT pros. Here are some of the most important soft skills needed to succeed in IT.