Fake cloud computing services frustrate most IT pros

Most companies say they’re using cloud computing services, and a lot of vendors are selling them. But a lot of what’s being sold is actually a fake cloud service, according to a new survey. 

Survey: Small businesses confused about cloud computing and its benefits

Cloud computing services can have many benefits for companies, especially small businesses that don’t have much room in the budget for purchasing and managing internal IT infrastructure. But recent research says many smaller firms still don’t have a basic understanding of cloud computing and think the Cloud is meant for larger organizations. 

Cloudwashing: Do your execs recognize it when they see it?

A recent Dilbert comic strip captured the attention of a lot of IT pros for poking fun at “cloudwashing” and those who get suckered in by the hype surrounding anything labeled “Cloud.” Reading the strip, you might wonder: Do your execs know how to spot a cloudwasher in action?