Companies not ready for new technologies, survey says

While new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, mobile devices and social networks are catching on, businesses and IT departments are still trying to figure out the best ways to implement and manage them, according to a recent survey from The Open Group. 

The role of IT in the adoption of cloud-based collaboration systems

While cloud computing applications eliminate the need for some management on the part of IT, tech leaders still have a role to play when those services are implemented, as George Hillston discusses in this guest post. 

What is cloud computing? A guide for business leaders

Sure, everyone in IT knows at least the basic concepts of cloud computing and what the primary risks and benefits are. But that’s not always the case with people in the rest of the organization — and they’re often the ones making decisions about the cloud. Here’s a guide tech pros can pass on to […]

Protecting data when it moves to the cloud

Cloud computing raises a number of security concerns, especially when providers may pass information through multiple data centers around the globe. In this guest post, Anand Srinivasan describes the steps companies can take to make sure their data is protected. 

Recent data breaches highlight the dangers of working with third parties

These days, business don’t just have to worry about the security of their own networks. Data breaches occurring on third-party servers are also dangerous. 

IT needs to educate business leaders about the cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming a critical IT and business strategy, many business decision makers are still clueless when it comes to the cloud. As IT Director Richard Thompson writes in this guest post, IT professionals need to do a better job explaining cloud computing to other parts of the business. 

The cloud computing mistake 77% of companies make

As cloud computing becomes the norm in most organizations, there’s a serious cloud security risk many companies aren’t doing enough to stop: 

7 security mistakes users and IT departments make

As the costs of cyber crime continue to rise, there are some steps both IT departments and users should be taking to better protect data. 

3 tips to prevent a cloud migration catastrophe

Cloud computing can make certain things easier for companies and IT departments. But moving to the cloud is a big undertaking, with a lot of potential for disaster, as Neil Campke describes in this guest post. 

Report: IT is blocking the wrong cloud computing services

In an effort to keep data safe, many IT departments block access to unsafe cloud computing services that users may try to sign up for on their own. But a recent survey shows that many companies are letting high-risk applications be used unchecked.