Cloud computing gets approval from CFOs

A recent Google-sponsored survey shows that nearly all organizations’ finance leaders expect serious benefits from cloud computing. 

Which IT projects have the biggest impact on the bottom line?

Here’s some good news for IT managers trying to get new projects approved by the CFO: A study has found that IT investments can significantly boost a company’s profits. However, that’s only the case for some kinds of IT spending. 

CIO role will disappear in 5 years, say many CFOs

New tech trends are changing IT’s role within the organization, and that will have a big impact on what it means to be the CIO or IT manager. 

5 ways to justify a bigger IT budget

The economic downturn has led many companies to cut their IT security budgets. But here’s one way IT may be able to convince upper management to find some more room for security funding:

CFOs list top 3 concerns: What it means for IT

In most businesses, IT must get projects approved by the CFO. The best way to make that process a little less painful: Understand what really matters to your company’s top finance exec.

Why CFOs don’t respect IT – and how you can change that

At more and more companies, the CFO has direct control over IT. But unfortunately, recent research shows most CFOs have a low opinion of the IT groups working under them.

Who’s IT’s boss? Probably Finance

It’s become increasingly rare for IT pros to be able to tell the company CFO: “You’re not the boss of me.”