10 keys for a BYOD policy that won’t get you sued

  At first, BYOD was something a few brave companies were giving a shot. Then it became a nice way to get users off corporate devices. Now company phones are rare and BYOD is becoming the norm. What’s the next hurdle for Bring Your Own Device? Keeping it from becoming a legal liability. 

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Smartphone hack could bypass passcodes

The  lines between old-fashioned hacking attacks and the kinds of high-tech, complicated code-cracking you might see in a “Mission Impossible” movie are starting to blur. And it’s a good reminder of why users should be practicing some basic rules on protecting smartphones. 

The top 10 tech stories of 2013

It’s been a busy year for IT pros. And next year isn’t shaping up to be much better.

Permissions to destroy your phone?

Let’s face it: Users aren’t always the best at weighing risks. And that’s especially true when it comes to selecting the mobile apps they download onto their phones. 

3 things IT gets wrong with mobile technology

IT’s relationship with mobile technology is often told as a valiant battle to keep systems secure against mobile threats. But that’s not how IT pros would like things to be. 

Surprise: Younger users take responsibility for BYOD security

A recent survey has some news that likely won’t be a shock to most technology pros: Younger employees typically have no qualms about breaking IT policies that they don’t agree with. But there was another finding that could give IT managers some hope. 

Only 23% of users know the company’s BYOD policy

It’s no secret that users like to ignore IT policies. In a lot of cases it’s because the rules get in the way of how people work most effectively. But other times, it’s because users don’t know what the rules are. 

5 ways BYOD can help your business

BYOD creates a number of challenges for businesses. But it also has many benefits, as Laura Abrar writes in this guest post. 

6 questions to answer when developing an enterprise mobility strategy

Whether through BYOD or company-issued devices, more business is going mobile. In this guest post, Robert Stanley runs through everything a company should think about during the planning stage. 

IT managers’ 3 worst nightmares – and what to do about them

IT managers have a lot on their minds right now. Here are the top three concerns keeping most IT pros up at night, according to one recent survey.