Need proof skimping on security can cost your company? Just ask these two firms

If anyone thinks security measures are expensive, they should see how much recovering from a disaster can cost.

Gear up for 2015: Gartner predicts its Top 10

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2014, it’s getting to be about that time to look into the future and start planning for the next year’s priorities. Research firm Gartner is getting a bit of a jump on things by predicting what the biggest tech trends of 2015 will be.

Mobile and the cloud: Where does IT stand today?

IT sometimes gets so lost in the down-and-dirty details of day-to-day operations that it can lose sight of what the competition is up to and where your colleagues stand. With that in mind, Spiceworks put out its annual all-things-IT report. Huge this year: the cloud and mobile, as always.

Boosting security on a stagnant budget: It can be done

For some, this year brought an influx of funding for IT security projects. But what about the rest of us? 

Implementing Green IT: 5 Things to Do Today to Go Green

Most IT managers are under pressure to do more with less these days. Using less ink, paper and energy is one way to stretch your budget. But depending on whom you do business with, Green IT may also be a requirement. The government now favors environmentally friendly contractors, and many large corporations run sustainability programs […]

Cloud prices are falling – but IT may still pay too much

One of the reasons companies turn to cloud computing is that cloud services are often more budget-friendly than their on-site counterparts. And now, recent price cuts from big providers could draw even more businesses to the Cloud. 

5 cures for IT project management woes

As any IT manager can attest, tech projects are difficult to get off the ground, and can often be even harder to complete. How can IT better meet those challenges?

Survey: Finance department blames IT for ineffectiveness

IT managers know their department is there to help the business run smoothly. Unfortunately, folks in other parts of the company may not think that goal is being met.

5 ways to cut power costs

Though it might not get as much attention as big hardware and software purchases, energy use is a large part of an IT department’s budget — and one that can usually be trimmed significantly.

Good news: CEOs say IT plays key role in recovery

While many IT managers fear their department is viewed as a cost center in tough times, a new survey says CEOs don’t necessarily feel that way.