Big Data still isn’t catching on yet: Will it ever?

For years now we’ve been hearing that the age of Big Data is just around the corner. But what if it isn’t? 

What’s around the bend? 9 predictions for business intelligence

With Big Data and cloud applications thrust onto its plate, IT has increasingly become the go-to department for business intelligence (BI) projects. But turning data into business decisions is a constantly changing field – which makes it hard to catch up, let alone know what’s coming next. 

Lack of expertise is killing Big Data projects

We’ve all heard about the near limitless potential of Big Data. And if you haven’t been asked to head on up yet, it could be a matter of time until you are. 

Companies not ready for new technologies, survey says

While new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, mobile devices and social networks are catching on, businesses and IT departments are still trying to figure out the best ways to implement and manage them, according to a recent survey from The Open Group. 

Big Data education programs expand to close skills gap

As demand is growing for IT pros with Big Data skills and experience, many companies will begin training their own workers to create new experts. Meanwhile, several Big Data education programs are popping up to help meet the new needs in the job market.

Can’t find Big Data experts? Here’s how to grow your own

While Big Data has been a much-hyped technology for some time, many companies are just now getting ready to begin their projects. Is IT ready for the challenge? 

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One powerful use for Big Data and Hadoop

Big Data and the open source Hadoop platform have gotten a lot of hype lately. In this guest post, Nitin Bandugula discusses how the technology might be used by businesses. 

IT keys for reaping the rewards of Big Data

These days, everyone is hearing about Big Data, but few companies know the best ways to implement it. In this guest post, IT instructor Michael Dorf has some advice for businesses. 

Why 55% of Big Data projects fail – and what IT can do about it

Big Data is quickly becoming a big deal for companies and their IT departments. However, a recent survey says that more than half of Big Data projects never even get off the ground.