iOS update fixes security vulnerabilities in iPhone, iPad

If your company issues iPhones and iPads to users — or if they use their own as part of a BYOD program — make sure they’ve installed an important iOS update. The update to iOS 6.1 adds some key new features and fixes a few security vulnerabilities. 

Apple unveils iPad Mini: What IT needs to know

As companies struggle to formalize their BYOD strategies, here comes another sure-to-be-popular device users will be asking IT to support: Apple’s just-announced iPad Mini. 

iPhone 5 revealed: Thinner, faster, with a bigger screen

Apple has unveiled the details of the iPhone 5, the latest version of the company’s ultra-popular smartphone. Here’s what the new device will feature. 

Is anyone using the iPad for business?

The iPad is the most popular tablet among consumers, but do any owners of Apple’s hit device actually use the iPad for business? 

Alleged iPhone 5 pictures leak: What to expect from Apple’s new smartphone

Rumors about the next version of Apple’s iPhone have been swirling around the web for months, and a few of them have supposedly been confirmed by some iPhone 5 pictures that found their way online recently. 

Smaller, cheaper iPad reportedly on the way from Apple

Google recently announced its new Nexus tablet, a 7-inch device designed as a smaller, low-cost alternative to Apple’s iPad. But now it looks like Apple is preparing a similar device of its own. 

Android or iPad: Which tablet is better for business?

Many businesses and users are turning to tablets as workplace devices. What’s the most popular tablet for use in business? That depends on where you are. 

No new iPhone, but Apple announces MacBook, iOS updates

Despite what most observers were hoping, the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) did not include any information about the upcoming iPhone 5. However, the event included some other key updates: 

IBM: iPhone’s Siri may create new security risks

Apple’s iPhone may be becoming the preferred mobile platform for most business, but some management challenges remain. Recently, tech giant IBM has warned that Siri, the popular voice recognition feature in the latest version of the smartphone, could open companies up to significant security risks. 

Why IT is now choosing the iPhone over other smartphones

When Apple’s iPhone was first released, it was generally thought of as a popular consumer gadget that had no place in business. But now, despite the unique challenges, more IT departments are supporting the iPhone than any other mobile platform.