Wikileaks file dump contains malware: Report

Whether you side with Wikileaks or not in its mission to spill secrets, here’s some advice most people can get behind: If you’re going to release documents for public consumption, maybe check them for viruses first.

Alert: You should update your antivirus immediately

A Google researcher has found a flaw in a popular security product that is described as “as bad as it gets.” Anyone who doesn’t update immediately could be putting their systems at risk.

Study shows the limits of IT security training

IT security training is a critical layer in any company’s plan to protect data – but new research shows that even highly trained users are susceptible to hackers’ new sophisticated attacks.

3 ways to stop new malware antivirus apps don’t catch

A big portion of security breaches against companies are carried out through malware attacks. Unfortunately, more hackers are using targeted malware that antivirus software can’t stop, according to a new report. Here are some steps IT can take to prevent those attacks. 

5 IT security threats to watch for in 2012

Though recent months have seen a lot of hype about targeted, high-profile attacks against large businesses and government agencies, most businesses really need to be worried about increases in traditional IT security threats.

Study reveals what antivirus software won’t catch

Antivirus programs are invaluable security tools, but they also have plenty of shortcomings, as a new study shows.

Warn users about new ‘scareware’ scam

Just in time for the Halloween season comes a warning from Microsoft about a new piece of so-called “scareware” targeting web users.

Security vendor: Hackers are winning

Folks in charge of protecting IT security will often vent that they’re fighting a losing battle. But when a company that sells security products makes that statement, it means a lot.