Yet another Android vulnerability: Keeping devices safe

No phone or desktop operating system will ever be 100% secure. But yet another Android flaw affecting a majority of its devices has been discovered, once again causing users to question its security. 

Android flaw succeeds despite security advice

There are some basic rules for mobile security that have long been thought to keep you in the clear. But researchers have discovered these rules might not be able to protect Android devices from “pileup” malware. 

The Android malware trend no one’s talking about

Another day, another study showing Android dominates Apple in mobile malware. But the latest study also has another figure that will be of interest to IT – one that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage. 

Mobile virus threat is overblown, security experts say

While some observers have been warning companies and consumers for a while about the growing problem of malware attacking smartphones, recent reports show the mobile virus threat has yet to have much of an impact. 

6 Android security risks you should know

Mobile devices introduce a number of new security concerns for organizations. In this guest post, Katherine Switzer outlines a few of the biggest Android security threats IT managers should be aware of. 

Android 4.3 features BYOD firms will be happy about

While it’s being called a relatively minor update to the mobile OS, the new Android 4.3 has some features that could be good news for companies with BYOD programs or those that issue smartphones to users. 

Most Android security threats would be blocked with a software upgrade

As Android security threats rise, a new report highlights what could be an effective way to stop most attacks. 

Android apps illegally steal users’ info, lawsuit claims

Mobile viruses aren’t the only BYOD security threat companies need to watch for. There may also be legitimate apps that snoop on users’ data more than organizations are comfortable with. 

3 mobile security myths putting your data at risk

As workers become more mobile, IT departments need to take steps to secure smartphones and tablets. But those efforts may be hindered by some incorrect beliefs about mobile security. 

New Android virus spreads through phishing emails

As Android viruses and other types of mobile security attacks become more common, researchers have discovered some new methods hackers are using to spread their malware.