Symantec to host cybersecurity competition for education credit

As part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, Symantec is hosting a challenge for IT and security employees. Aimed at higher education institutions, the goal is to engage the next generation in a cybersecurity competition that mirrors real-life scenarios and security situations.

The event takes place Oct. 19-20 and is free for schools and universities to send up to three teams of four people. There, the teams will compete by playing games similar to capture the flag, using computers and security programs. The winners will be announced at EDUCAUSE annual conference in Philadelphia.

The competition should cover the major areas of how to fight against a cyberattack in a rather unconventional way – by putting the competitors in the shoes of an attacker. Much like the philosophy behind DefCon and Black Hat, Symantec will outline how to launch a cyberattack by performing reconnaissance on the target and moving to exfiltrating the desired data or launching a specific code such as ransomware.

The hope is that by placing the teams on the offensive, they’ll understand more about what it takes to defend a system from such an incursion.

An added bonus for participating is that teams will earn education credits, along with learning first-hand the difficulties currently facing the information security industry today.