Survey: This IT skill is in high demand now

Opportunities are increasing for workers in many IT jobs, but one group of IT professionals is in especially high demand right now: 

Those with skills and experience in Linux administration.

That’s the word from a recent survey conducted by tech job board and the Linux Foundation.

Of the 2,000 hiring managers surveyed, 81% said hiring Linux talent is a top priority in 2012. That includes 63% who said their organizations will be increasing Linux hires relative to jobs in other areas this year.

The reasons for the increasing demand for Linux talent in the IT department:

  1. Companies are growing, creating the need for new Linux team members (cited by 49% of respondents), and
  2. Companies are using Linux more and need new staff members who can support the operating system (48%).

Organizations are having a hard time finding people to fill those positions, with 85% of companies reporting that finding Linux talent has been difficult. That’s led to an increase in pay for employees with those skills. Linux professionals saw a 5% pay increase on average in 2011, compared to 2% for IT employees overall.

Companies also say they’re going to hire consultants or offer Linux training to existing employees in order to meet the growing need.

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