Survey reveals missing piece in most virtualization projects

When companies implement server virtualization, there’s a key element many neglect to plan for:

The impact on storage requirements.

Storage issues can lead to increases in costs, performance bottlenecks and availability concerns, among other issues, after companies move to a virtual infrastructure. When servers are virtualized, the storage infrastructure must often be updated as well to achieve maximum benefits.

However, many organizations aren’t prepared to do so. In fact, 43% of companies either hadn’t anticipated the impact storage would have on their virtualization projects or haven’t yet started any virtualization projects because of storage issues, according to a recent survey by virtualization vendor DataCore.

In addition:

  1. 60% of respondents that had done some virtualization cited higher storage costs as the biggest problem they’re currently facing
  2. 40% say their storage infrastructure is hurting performance, and
  3. 20% say their storage situation has led to business continuity concerns.

For most organizations, the benefits of virtualization outweigh the cons. But underestimating the need for storage upgrades could prevent some companies from getting an accurate picture of those benefits.

It’s important to take storage needs into account from day one of virtualization planning.

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