Survey: Help desks getting busier

If your help desk staffers have been busier than usual, they’re not alone. One recent study says help desk calls are rising, even as budgets are shrinking.

The study, conducted by HDI, an organization formerly know as the Help Desk Institute, found that calls to help desks are rising, with 67% of desks reporting an increase in tickets last year compared to 2009.

At the same time, budget concerns have left many help desks with less manpower. Help desk employees now make up 6% of IT departments’ total staff, according to HDI, down from 6.9%.

What are the reasons for the uptick in reported problems? One possibility HDI suggests: the increase in mobile work and new user devices, which require more support.

Survey respondents attributed the increases to:

  • infrastructure or product changes, upgrades or conversions (41%)
  • expanded service offerings by the support center (26%), and
  • an increase in customers (22.5%).

How about your company’s help desk? Have they seen an increase in support calls? If so, what have they done to better handle the calls? Let us know in the comments section.

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