Survey: Half of companies wish they’d trusted cloud migration to third parties

There are plenty of surveys out there that show companies’ feelings on outsourcing versus keeping services in-house. But one recent study actually highlighted something more interesting – after the decision has been made and all is said and done, do they regret their course of action? 

EvolveIP asked participants that and more in its 2016 Cloud Survey. And according to the survey, 50% of those who chose to handle cloud deployments themselves said they would’ve gone with a third-party provider if they had the chance to do it all over again.

That shows just how deceptive some of these cloud migrations can be. What seems easy enough at first blush often turns out be a major drain on time, resources and staff.

Other findings

Not that any of this is scaring companies off of cloud deployment. According to EvolveIP, 75% of companies are planning additional cloud deployments in the next three years, most commonly:

  • servers and data centers (23%)
  • phone systems (22%)
  • disaster recovery (21%)
  • finance and ERP (19%), and
  • co-location and backups (17%).

Not surprisingly, most IT pros (68%) consider themselves full-fledged believers in the cloud now. It may be hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case, but just two years ago, that figure was barely half (53%).

Security is there … IT isn’t always

One final note on the survey results: Slightly more than half of IT pros said they believed that data was safer residing in the cloud than on-premises.

But one big concern remains shadow IT. According to the survey, almost half of departmental cloud applications were acquired without any IT involvement.

If IT has no say in the security or feasibility of cloud applications, that could mitigate any other data protection or cost-savings you’d normally see from a cloud migration.

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